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This year’s reflection

30 Dec


The year 2013, as stated in the previous blog, was a year of challenges and become new things… But the changers were pleasant. The incidents in the year 2012 have affected my life in 2013, but I promised myself first to let things go. That was the key to the pleasant feeling of experiences in 2013. I taught myself not to hold on to that what has happened in the past year, but to let it go or leave things for what they are. I must say I’ve succeeded in it! Firstly, I myself reconcile to the fact that I will end up in a new environment and living in it will change. That was not easy, but I finally succeeded.

Besides the move in April, there are two special people who came into my life and I love them very much. One of them came with turbulence. On May 26, 2013, my ‘wonder’ niece, Archini, born. Her birth has changed our lives. Suddenly I felt responsible as a parent for a child. What a nice feeling. You have already concluded that it immediately clicked between us. In August I went to Holland to visit her. From the airport on , we were inseparable. I enjoyed every moment with her. Each day was remarkable and worth discussing. Now my ‘moshimoshi’, this is how I call her, is almost 7 months old. And who knows, she’ll visit me in the new year.

with the wonderbaby

My cute and adorable niece

Then unexpectedly another special person came in my life and who’s also brought a lot of positive changes in my life. This story will be continued…. no end expected. Each day with this person is a new chapter in life!


In November I started with a course which is a follow-up and that should last two years. And with this new course the hectic life for at least a year has begun. Actually, I’m still not sure if it will put an end to the busy life of mine. I barely get the time to load pictures on my Flickr blog. But with this blog I’ll place some pictures taken by me this year are shot .

2014 will also be the year of a new home again…Actually, I am tired of moving and I hope this will be the last time in life.. A lot more is going to happen…

Archini's hand and feet.

According to the hindu tradition, these black beads are for protection against the evil eye.

According to the Chinese calendar, we are about to enter the year of the horse. I’ve read that more people will follow their dreams and their heart. That is certainly a good sign . Even I am going to follow my dreams and heart in the new year. That is my only new year’s resolution!

In Rijksmuseum, Amsterdan

During my holiday in Europe, I visited Rijksmuseum which’s reopened its doors this year. It has a great collection of Mediterraneanand Asian sculptures and artwork.

Berlin is a great city which is worth to visit. A mix of history, culture, liveliness, action, but also a modern lifestyle.

In Paris

This was the third time of visiting Paris with the Euro Disney as the big attraction. Euro Disney is so not for me!

rrereso During the day

Happy New Year in advance!



An inspiring person

14 Aug
Scott Kelby's Photowalk

Scott Kelby's Photowalk

I’ve been away for some months. I mean, though I had some articles published in Hindulife Magazine, I have not written articles for Parbode Magazine for months. As writing for Parbode is ‘really writing’ to me, I so missed that. But I’ve been busy with something else and did some good things. Offcourse the course and finishing it, the work and so on. But to not lose my ‘pen’ I’ve decided to write daily. I did that too but people has to get know what I’m writing about. Most of the times, I think, I’m going to write my blogs in Dutch as it’s the primary language to me and though my English is not the best, you guys will see some of my writing skills in English too!

I told you, I had some inspiring moments last month. A fellow photographer and a good friend, Raul Neijhorst, was in Suriname. Trough him I met some more photographers with whom I exchanged some inspiring photography-tips. And yeah, it was Raul who informed me about the Scott Kellby’s worldwide photowalk and I did participate. It was a very great day. And now I’m looking for a next photowalk. I did it for fun but didn’t expected that I was going to be in the top 5 in Suriname. Scroll down for the two favoourite pics.

Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce Raul to you. He is a glamour, wedding,-portret,-model-and fashionphotographer(27), borne in Suriname, lives now in the Netherlands and is still a student. Starting his career in 2003, he’s has grown up to Suriname’s one of the best photographers or maybe the best one! Every year, around July, he’s in Suriname to give everyone here who wants to have some nice snaps of themselve, a chance. Raul’s young, down to earth type, has a refreshing style of photography and is always in for some crazy ideas. That’s probably the reason why everyone who’s ever met him, likes him.

The first photoshoot I had ever was in 2007 with this guy. Though I wasn’t experienced, Raul taught me a lot with his spontaneous and impressive personality. Today, I could proudly say that Raul is the one person from whom I learned modelling and started to love it. And I can call him a good friend now!

Stairways to Heaven