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What’s next?

8 Aug

It’s almost vacation. I like to do new things in the little time I have….

Actually, there is a lot to do: studying, researching, reading a lot of literature and finishing a biography.

From October to August, I did a lot.., school, course, school, course….  So I thought it could do things I love: reading, baking cakes (new thing) and also photography!

I am in the vacation mood. I want to sit and being lazy…from October to August, I kept running after time. I ‘m tired.. Now it’s my time to enjoy the vacation. But how?

I am going with the flow!!!


Ooh Ooh December

9 Dec

It’s already the 9th day of December, my favorite month of the year. Those who have been in Suriname around Christmas and the New Year, know that December is the most joyful moment in Suriname. Especially the ”Owroe Jarie’ which literally means old year and actually is referred to the year end and New Year. It’s a month of parties, but also remembering the gods and purifying to have a good year ahead. So welcoming the New Year is also spiritual in Suriname.

December is my month. Let’s see why I love this month.

The weather is great: rain, rainy and wind.

I am used to reflect my year here on my blog. What should I say about this year for now? I am engaged, going to college to get the highest degree in education and suddenly started teaching on a senior high school (that’s my old school). For so far, I am satisfied with this year.

on Valentine's Day

Our Engagement

The ring

the dance

But thats not all… December is going to be more special from now on. Want to know why?

It has been a year of preparation too. After 11 days, I will be joining the community of the Mrs. I will be married then. It’s gonna be a big Indian wedding according to the Hindu rites. Next week is going to be my week and I am ready to enjoy this.

For the big day

For the big day




Being a bride

Being a bride

I have great goals for 2015. At the first part of the year I will start working on my thesis, so I hope I can graduate before the end of the year. To reach my goals, I have to work extra extra hard. But I am positive…!

My last blog of 2014 will be ended with some photos which are associated to a particular theme. You can guess that!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (in advance)

With love,


2014 in Brasil

13 Jul

Germany is the new world champion. I feel pity for Argentina, but I never underestimated the German team. The Brasilian team has always been my number 1 team, but Argentina and Germany are also in my favorite list.  I must say both the teams were good today! And the best teams were in the final. Well deserved, Argentina and Germany! 

A tour to Suriname’s history

3 Feb

The Jewish diaspora began very early and it reached Suriname in the 17th century. Jews are also one of the first settlers who came to Suriname. Many Portuguese Jews went through Amsterdam to Brazil in 1654. When the Dutch were expelled from Pernambuco, the Jews came to Suriname. 


Jodensavanne in its glorious days.
The picture was adapted from

David Cohen Nassy, then a known Jew in Suriname, settled with a group in Cayenne in 1664, but  came later to Suriname. Nassy became a prominent person here. After the group reached Suriname, they founded a settlement on Jodensavanne (Jewish Savanna) and they had the freedom to practice their religion . The first (wooden) synagogue, ‘de Nieuwe Wereld’, of Suriname was built there. Nothing has left of this building now.                                                                                                                                                     The Portuguese Jews brought their knowledge and experience to Suriname and have built sugar plantations here. The Jews were owners of African enslaved people.

In the 18th century the Ashkenazi Jews settled in Suriname. This Ashkenazic Jewish emigrants were mainly from Germany and were relatively poor Jews. They settled in Paramaribo and mainly engaged in trade. Both Jewish population long remained separate. This group of Jews had their own synagogue. In 1723 the first Ashkenazi synagogue in the Keizerstraat was built. In 1833 a new, the current synagogue which was named “Ne Ve Shalom” was built. It was designed by architect J. F. Halfhide. 


Ne Ve Shalom synagogue at the Keizerstraat

In December I had the chance to visit Jodensavanne and Cassipora cemetery for the first time. Our guides of the Jodensavanne Foundation have been able to bring life the the history of Jodensavanne. I never had such an experience of an important part of the history of Suriname. We could visualize the glorious history of Jodensavanne. 

At the same time are Jodensavanne and Cassipora not only an historical significance, but have also a harmonious atmosphere where you can relax. I’m glad Jodensavanne and Cassipora now belong to the cultural / historical monuments of Suriname, but I hope that it will be placed on the world heritage list of UNESCO.


Me at the cemetry of Jodensavanne.



Pines are planted on the savanna







Another viewpoint of the ruins of Jodensavanne


This year’s reflection

30 Dec


The year 2013, as stated in the previous blog, was a year of challenges and become new things… But the changers were pleasant. The incidents in the year 2012 have affected my life in 2013, but I promised myself first to let things go. That was the key to the pleasant feeling of experiences in 2013. I taught myself not to hold on to that what has happened in the past year, but to let it go or leave things for what they are. I must say I’ve succeeded in it! Firstly, I myself reconcile to the fact that I will end up in a new environment and living in it will change. That was not easy, but I finally succeeded.

Besides the move in April, there are two special people who came into my life and I love them very much. One of them came with turbulence. On May 26, 2013, my ‘wonder’ niece, Archini, born. Her birth has changed our lives. Suddenly I felt responsible as a parent for a child. What a nice feeling. You have already concluded that it immediately clicked between us. In August I went to Holland to visit her. From the airport on , we were inseparable. I enjoyed every moment with her. Each day was remarkable and worth discussing. Now my ‘moshimoshi’, this is how I call her, is almost 7 months old. And who knows, she’ll visit me in the new year.

with the wonderbaby

My cute and adorable niece

Then unexpectedly another special person came in my life and who’s also brought a lot of positive changes in my life. This story will be continued…. no end expected. Each day with this person is a new chapter in life!


In November I started with a course which is a follow-up and that should last two years. And with this new course the hectic life for at least a year has begun. Actually, I’m still not sure if it will put an end to the busy life of mine. I barely get the time to load pictures on my Flickr blog. But with this blog I’ll place some pictures taken by me this year are shot .

2014 will also be the year of a new home again…Actually, I am tired of moving and I hope this will be the last time in life.. A lot more is going to happen…

Archini's hand and feet.

According to the hindu tradition, these black beads are for protection against the evil eye.

According to the Chinese calendar, we are about to enter the year of the horse. I’ve read that more people will follow their dreams and their heart. That is certainly a good sign . Even I am going to follow my dreams and heart in the new year. That is my only new year’s resolution!

In Rijksmuseum, Amsterdan

During my holiday in Europe, I visited Rijksmuseum which’s reopened its doors this year. It has a great collection of Mediterraneanand Asian sculptures and artwork.

Berlin is a great city which is worth to visit. A mix of history, culture, liveliness, action, but also a modern lifestyle.

In Paris

This was the third time of visiting Paris with the Euro Disney as the big attraction. Euro Disney is so not for me!

rrereso During the day

Happy New Year in advance!



Getting ready

22 Oct


A new year, 2013, is not so far anymore. Just three months left for the new year.  I already started to think about my New Year intends…I think that year is going to be my Act of year or year of ACTION! Many things are going to happen in  2013.

First of all, on my 26th birthday, It will be one year of working as a teacher. Quite special for me, because in my opinion, it’s not an easy job. During this year, I’ve experienced so many things and faced many problems. But I must say that I’m lucky to have pleasant and helpful colleagues and the rest of the school team. It’s always a pleasure to have a good conversation. Since I need to help with another subject, Dutch, in three classes (now, two classes), it is not always easy to prepare for two subjects in the little time I have. Also, there were some unpleasant moments with the pupils that have affected me emotionally. Sometimes I could not easily handle the situation, because things were new for me. And that’s why I’m saying that for so far the school has been a learning experience for me.

And then, there were some ups and downs in the personal life. But you learn from it. Of the two cases that touched me the most, I’ve learned to be patient. It is sometimes necessary to let things leave as they are. And to acquiesce in the situation as it could not be otherwise. Should I say: go with the flow? Not that I’m happy with these changes, but we should accept it. What is yours, will come back.

2013 will be the year for changes, as I said before. Moving to a new place, not my kinda place, but I’m sure a more peaceful place with more spaces (I’m not talking about privacy) and another environment. But I’m going to miss this neighbourhood….Image

2013 will be the year, if all goes well, of welcoming a new member in the family.

2013 will be the year in which I’ll have a bigger wardrobe..(oh, yes!)

2013 will be the year in which I’m going to cook more.Hopefully…not sure…

2013 will be the year in which I’ll take Spanish lessons.

That’s all what I’ve thought about for so far. More will come!

But first, I’m getting ready for the month of many celebrations: December!!! And for 21.12.12Image

In Dutch we have a saying: “Ook al is de leugen zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt het wel! (Though the lie’s so fast, the truth will overtake it at the end)”



Children At Work

28 May Taken at a local orphanage
Taken at a local orphanage

This picture was posted before on my photoblog, titled The Orphanage

I’ve been spending some more time on Flickr. And then I discovered works of many good photographers from which I could learn something, but there is one photographer who’s done a great job and that’s why I want to share the link here on my personal blog,

According to his profile on Flickr, Mio Cade is an International Consultant for NGOs from Singapore. He’s taken many pictures of working children. I’ve seen pictures of working children in Cambodia. This photographer asks people for donation for these children. The pictures are very touching. I cannot share a specific favorite picture that was taken by him because there are many of them. Every shot has its own story.

I’ve been aware of the child labor in Cambodia, but this was the first time to view this. And I know that there are friends who will tell me that even in Suriname we see children at work. This is true! But I’m sure that I’ve never seen these kind of work done by children as the ones I’ve seen on this blog.

So, here’s the link to the photostream of Mio Cade:

And here’s a favorite quote about child labor by Kofi Anan, the previous Secretary of General U.N.:

“There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace.”

Thank You,