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My thoughts today.

26 May


Today, May 25, 2015, the Surinamese people cast its vote. Me too.

I have experienced the the pre-election, and the election itself very consciously. Like  never  before.

I voted for change. I voted for a new person. Someone without a controversial past.

Now it is waiting for the results.

EDITVerkiezingen2015-3 EDITVerkiezingen2015-4

It’s been different this time. Very painful were the reactions of my fellow countrymen. If they didn’t agree with the opinion of somebody, the attacks were getting personal or racist. So, why would I be proud of the ethnic and cultural diversity if one can’t stand each other. You want to show the world the different colors of your country, but the mind is very monochromatic?
Why should I talk about patriotism or nationalism as it is history itself? It does not surprise me if one is not respectful if the Surinamese flag is hoisted or the national anthem is sung. Because everything is already  history.

A generation which ignores history has no past: and no future.



24 Dec


” Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.”
These are the words of Buddha who inspired me this year.

It’s was not an easy year for me, but I’ve learned a lot from it.  I’ve always been excited when the new year is coming closer. How bad it may have been, for the new year, I’m always hopeful and optimistic.

Every year, I make a list of things I want to do in the new year. I call it the Law of Actions. But this will be the first time in many years, I am not going to make this list, because I already know that 2013 will be the year of many changes. I’ve also mentioned those expected changes in my previous blog. Because I feel more will change, I will not make my list “Law of Actions”. A few months ao, I finally started working out, but not regularly. In the new year I will try to go more often. I will also try to get me to fit into the school system. I am quite demanding and then have high expectations, but unfortunately that doesn’t work. The last I will try to do, because I’m naturally demanding.

In 2013 I’ll leave it for what it will be and will also try to get the best of it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! <3,


On This Day

13 May


They say…

… That mothers are their daughter’s rolemodel

Yes, it’s true, you are my own great rolemodel

You’re the strongest person on earth I’ve ever known

You can face any difficulty

You’re a multitasker

And you spread love all the time

You pray for everyone in need

… That one good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters

Yes, that’s also true, because you’re the best teacher I’d ever have

Since the day I was born

You taught me everything to become a good human being

You taught me eating with the spoon, brushing my teeth, combing my hair

You taught me counting on my fingers

You taught me the a,b,c,d,….

You taught me writing the essential letters

You taught me writing my own name

And also how to draw

…She’s her daughter’s best friend

You’re not only my best friend, but also the greatest inspiration, advisor, well-wisher,

And someone that could sacrifice everything anytime for her family

… A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give

But I say that a mother’s the most beautiful gift, the greatest blessing, one could have in her life

And someday, I want to become a MOM like you! ❤


– Kavita Jiawan

The Mother's Day Gift to my Mom this year

Mother’s Day Gift To My Mom


Divali- Festival of Lights

22 Oct

October 2009

On the 26th of October, Divali (Deepavali) will be celebrated by every Hindu. Even I’m going to celebrate this day, but today, the shop where I work at, started selling Divali-items from India. All those Dia’s (oil lamps) in different models. But I won’t talk about what I sell in the store.

Divali, also known as Deepavali, is the festival for lights which has been celebrated for several reasons, occuring between mid October- mid November. For many Hindus, Divali’s the most important festival . Even in Suriname, Divali is one of the most important festivals. And last year, this day will be a national day for every Surinamese.



Divali is also a day for preparing sweets (if you’re home) and eating vegetarian food on that day. We start eating vegetarian food 3 days before Divali, but some started with Navratrie (which is a month before Divali).

Since the last few years (5years), Divali’s been fun but I also get tired a lot. There’s a lot of work like cleaning the house and also working in the shop till the Divali day. But on every Divali, I make sure that some Divali-shots are taken. I really enjoy doing that! So, I’ll be sharing some of my Divali shots. I don’t have a lot Divali photos anymore, because last year, on Divali-day, my external harddrive crashed, so I lost every photo.  Luckily, I had my photos of that day, saved on my CF-card.

Because I’m really tired today, I have to leave you now, but keep enjoying my photos (and feel free to send me feedback).

Subh Divali (Happy Divali)

This is one of the photos I lost last year when I had a harddrive crash. But I had ;posted this one on of my personal profiles, so I'd save it.


New York City trough my eyes

14 Sep

The New York City

On our way to Trinidad to take our connection flight to JFK Airport

Drag Race Suriname

20 May

Racing on Highway

Two weeks ago, I finally experienced drag racing in Suriname.

Many friends have been there and obviously had many good things to say about the drag races. The race was held on the Highway of Suriname and the road was closed that day.

I didn’t see the real race cars that used to be used in foreign races,  but I was proud of the Surinamese racers.  And yes, I did see the beautiful sport cars. There should always be a start and more will come. I especially  loved the race of the motorcycles. There were two girls, participating in this race.

Alleen voor degenen die schriftelijke toestemming hebben om de foto te gebruiken

Motorbike racer 


promogirls 4men magazine

The Foundation for the promotion of Motorsport in Suriname (MOTOSUR), founded in 2006, organizes activities on a regular basis. The Motorsport has grown so much over the past few years and even sometimes  there are foreigners who participate. Motorsport in Suriname isn’t a sport where you can earn lots of money, but a hobby for the participants and also another attraction for us in Suriname. Even a place to meet people you didn’t meet in a friends and I were together after a year (check the next picture). After high school we choose to do different courses in different colleges. So being together after a while, made us feel good.  That are the drag races for….

My friends and me...from left to right: Marilyn, Nisha, Janice and me/ Photographer: Irvin Ngariman

There is no real racetrack in Suriname, but the first one’s is already on its way. But as yet I continue to enjoy the drag racing along the road under a large, colorful umbrella!

People watching the dragrace

This is their style

Scott Kelby Photowalk for the second time

12 Aug

I know I’m a bit late but there are some pictures, taken at the 3rd Annual Scott Kelby Photowalk, which I wanted to share with you. This wasn’t my first SC Photowalk. I also walked the walk in 2009 and then I enjoyed the photos I took that day. My photo of the Rasta junk was in the top 5.
Simone Reeder is the winner of the photowalk in 2010. She did a great job and I’m in love with her photos. I heard other photographers saying that they could learn a lot from her. She’s a style of her own. 

Here are some of my photos

SCPW2010-soldiers Justitie aged Birds vers2text EBStext

ScottKelbyPWStairways 1-SCPW2010-Toren Kathedraal2 house  coupletext SCPW2010-stoep2text MAN DReaming 

 womanSCPW2010-nerdy profjetext

SCPW2010-photographertext SCPW2010-plutext

SCPW2010-Watermolenstraat Sheetaltext

SCPW2010- sandra chengtext