Ooh Ooh December

9 Dec

It’s already the 9th day of December, my favorite month of the year. Those who have been in Suriname around Christmas and the New Year, know that December is the most joyful moment in Suriname. Especially the ”Owroe Jarie’ which literally means old year and actually is referred to the year end and New Year. It’s a month of parties, but also remembering the gods and purifying to have a good year ahead. So welcoming the New Year is also spiritual in Suriname.

December is my month. Let’s see why I love this month.

The weather is great: rain, rainy and wind.

I am used to reflect my year here on my blog. What should I say about this year for now? I am engaged, going to college to get the highest degree in education and suddenly started teaching on a senior high school (that’s my old school). For so far, I am satisfied with this year.

on Valentine's Day

Our Engagement

The ring

the dance

But thats not all… December is going to be more special from now on. Want to know why?

It has been a year of preparation too. After 11 days, I will be joining the community of the Mrs. I will be married then. It’s gonna be a big Indian wedding according to the Hindu rites. Next week is going to be my week and I am ready to enjoy this.

For the big day

For the big day




Being a bride

Being a bride

I have great goals for 2015. At the first part of the year I will start working on my thesis, so I hope I can graduate before the end of the year. To reach my goals, I have to work extra extra hard. But I am positive…!

My last blog of 2014 will be ended with some photos which are associated to a particular theme. You can guess that!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (in advance)

With love,



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