….In the big city

26 Aug

It’s almost time to go to home. I thought I’d be able to share my experiences in New York City. But due lack of time I couldn’t do anything. New York is so big and there’s really so much to do.Two days before going back, I’m writing this blog.

We had a great start. From the flights till now, we enjoyed every day of our vacation. Even the securiy officers at the JFK Airport were polite and helpful to us.
I’m staying in Queens at the place of familymembers. I like it here too.

The first thing I noticed here when I came here is the big diversity of ethnic groups. I’ve read about it, but it was then the moment to see it myself.
At the airport I saw first time in my life a Rabbi..I stopped for a few seconds to observe him.
When I go to shops, from Macy’s to the smallest ones, I get assistance of people of different accents. That must be normal to me as Suriname is multicultural country, but these accents are not ‘daily’ to me. In Holland I could make a difference between the Morroccans,Turks, Antillean, Aftican, but I think the group of foreigners, living in the United States, is bigger. There are Mexicans, Jews, Africans, Indians, Guyanese, Arabics, Africans, Chineses and so on. That’s why I like it here.
Yesterday when I was shopping in Queens, I met two Surinamese women. While my grandmother, cousin and I were talking in Dutch, the shopassistant heard us and finally asked us if we’re from Suriname. While she asked us, there was another Surinamese woman shopping at the same store. So this was our first time to meet Surinamese people in New York.

I’m not sure if I can go back this Sunday to Suriname, because possibly our flight to Port of Spain will be delayed. The Hurricane predictions in New York. According to the weather forecast bad weather may be expected. It’s possibly gonna be a hard weekend for many New Yokers.

I’m not able to post my photos with the blogs, because I’ve to sort and edit them. More will come on the next blogs….

….so check it out!!!!


One Response to “….In the big city”

  1. pete 01/09/2011 at 13:15 #

    a lot of wonderful images here on your blog, very impressive and varied, thanks for visiting…

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