New York City

8 Aug
And now I’m back. After exactly one week I will be by this time on my way to New YorkCity, the city that never sleeps. I could easily have opted for Miami, whichwould take less time traveling, but I really wanted to see the big city. One year ago, I had planned to go abroad to celebrate my graduation in 2011, but I knew not where I’d go.
A few months ago when my cousin and I talked about travel, we came up with the idea to share a journey to the U.S. We immediately began making plans,but unfortunately it was not with her ​​this far. My cousin had to work. On the other hand, my grandmother and aunt were ready to go. So we made ​​an appointment for the visa. The U.S. Visa was provided to my grandmother and me, but not tomy aunt and her family. Too bad it was, because otherwise it would be party all the time. We both love shopping.
But the purpose of my visit to the city is not just shopping but also to take pictures. Since I started taking pictures, I have not been abroad. So this would be my first foreign pictures in my own photo collection. I also want to see as much as possible in two weeks. When I search the online sites, I discover so many attractions in NYC, so I can’t make an official itinerary, but only a list of places I want to visit.
So I’m waiting for the moment when I’ll be there….
Note: Photos on this blog are not mine, but used from websites.

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