A day to Paramaribo Zoo

2 Sep


Parbo Zoo

Suriname’s only zoo, De Paramaribo Zoo, was opened in 1972 by the former premier J. Pengel. Most of the animals then were from his private zoo. In the eighties, the zoo lost many of its animals and its value by bad maintenance. During my childhood we visited the zoo once a year. The snakes were most fascinating. I remember the  Cobra snake, which was to  me the most feared snake. I think I’ve seen this snake only once. The cage of the lion, Boris, and tiger, Biga, were one of the favorites also. I so loved them! The caimans’ and crocodiles were  too great. But that’s years ago. A recent visit to the zoo after years has disappointed me. There were no Biga and Boris and I didn’t see any caimans and crocodiles. The birds were  my favorite. I saw a leopard and a sleeping tiger. Not many  interesting things. Too bad, but the newly built monkey island is really interesting. Due to lack of finances and poor management, the zoo has known bad days but now there are links established with international zoos to help it improve. There are two ape-islands where you can spot monkeys. I kept taking photos of them and it’s like the monkeys were posing for me.  The park is well kept and I even enjoyed the activities for children.But more can be done to the sanitation especially when kids are around. Below is a small report of my visit to the Paramaribo Zoo.

Leopard2 Paard Rode Ibis1btext


Schaafijtexts Schommelen-1


3 Responses to “A day to Paramaribo Zoo”

  1. Peter van der Stoep 02/09/2010 at 17:01 #

    Wow. Heel mooie reportage. Vooral die
    Hyena…of is het een Lynkx?

    Door deze reportage krijg ik zelf
    zin om ernaar toe te gaan.

    Nohhh..te warm.

    Gr. Peter

  2. Debby 06/09/2010 at 12:00 #

    Heel mooi gedaan en geschreven. Ik zelfs ben ook heel lang niet geweest naar de zoo. Ging er vroeger net als jou ook vaker naar toe.

    Heb je gecheckt waarom sommige van je pics niet goed verschijnen? Too stretched?

  3. Ronnie 2¢ 17/09/2010 at 19:39 #

    You’ve done an effective job putting these together . . most zoos around the world have that ‘tired’ look about them – including my local one in London, even !

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