Go Brazil!

11 Jun

Brasil foto

A few days ago I found pictures of my high school years. One of them was taken on the last day of school in 2006, in high school which was the the openings day of FIFA WORLD CUP.  We bought shirts of our favorite team , Brazil,  as we  supported it and those shirts were worn at the farewell party of our school.  We wanted to let people know that we were ‘ Brazilians’ and ofcourse we got a lot attention! I was at that time totally confident that Brazil would win it, but no chance! I remember that in the third year of secondary school, in 2002, during an exam school I was listening to my pocket radio. Brazil was playing. When the first goal was made, I had to control myself not to be much enthusiastic in the classroom. In 2002, Brazil won the World Cup. Last time, the team lost but even this time I’ll continue supporting them.  I’m also in for the WC fever in Suriname!

mare shavita


2 Responses to “Go Brazil!”

  1. Riyazi 22/06/2010 at 12:16 #

    Nice to find pics from the past and relive those memories 😀

    Brazil looks like it has a good chance this year!

    • fotovita 22/06/2010 at 17:04 #

      Yes, I’m a diehard Brazil-otherwise SOUTH AMERICAN)fan..I’m looking forward for the match between Cristiano Ronaldo and my favourite ROBINHO!

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